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Five Car Cleaning Tips for Extremely Busy Men or Women

Today, we all are used to living a fast paced life. We live in a world of deadlines where time is probably the most expensive commodity. And it’s easy to forget about the small things in life when life seems to be moving at such a fast pace, such as vehicle cleaning. You forget taking out the garbage bags and come back home to a stinking kitchen. Doing laundry becomes a chore that keeps on getting postponed to the next weekend. Vehicle cleaning becomes the least of your priority. And you realize that it’s high time that you do it when you go to pick up your mom from the airport and she complaints of a ‘dead mouse’ in your car. So what do you do? Go for a vehicle cleaning? Read on to find out car cleaning tips that will help keep you manage time and keep your car clean.

•    Start putting newspapers on the floor mat of your car especially during the rainy season. It will save you the hassle of taking out the floor mat and washing it. Spreading newspapers is also a good idea if you are out on a long trip with kids or friends so that your car’s floor doesn’t become a Cheetos ground.

 •    Keep a simple trash can in your car. If you don’t think, there’s enough space for it. Start keeping a trash bag under your car and make it a habit of putting everything inside it. Just make sure that it lies in your hand’s reach and is accessible to everyone. These car cleaning tips will prove to be beneficial.

•    Follow the ultimate golden rule of car cleaning tips: if you take something to your car, then take it out then only. Be it an empty Cheetos packet or your kid’s football gear. Take it all out as soon as you get out and your car will remain clean and clutter free, else you will have to spend a fortune for auto cleaning in India.

•    Make a car kit. Put it on all the essentials you may need to clean your car and carry it everywhere you have. Whenever you get time, take it out and clean it all. And if you don’t have enough time, clean the window once. Next time, you get time, go for auto cleaning in India of something else.

•    Maintain a monthly schedule. No matter how busy you are, choose a day every month, where you will either clean your car or give it for cleaning. There are a number of services offering car cleaning in India that even do free pick up and drop.