Why Choose Us

Simple. Because toilet hygiene is imperative. Your personal health is dependent on how clean your toilets are. Consider this- A common man goes to the toilet 6 times daily and spends on an average of 1.5 years of their lifetime in the bathroom. That is enough time to catch all the germs possible. The other side of facts is that every person spends around 1.1 years of their life in cleaning. And this cleaning implies all types of cleaning. The general consensus is that we are more diligent in cleaning everything that shows to the others. It's the toilets that get the least amount of our cleaning time. This is where Kleenr.in steps in.

high trained staff


With Monthly Subscription packages and flexible scheduling options, you can now leave your cleaning worries to us.



Our cleaning staff uses state of the art cleaning equipment coupled with organic cleaning agents to sanitize your toilets and surroundings.



With emphasis on Hygiene, we Disinfect, Sanitize and Cleanse your toilets and surroundings of even the tiniest speck of dust and germs.



We are India’s most Economical and Affordable Toilet, Kitchen and Household cleaning and management services company.

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