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Kitchen Cleaning

The Kitchen of a house is what the heart is to a human body. It is the powerhouse of everything and any germs or bacterial build-up can affect the health of the family.

Since all our cooking and the daily food is handled from here thus kitchen cleaning is mandatory. Kitchens are also very prone to bacteria, viruses, mold, dust, insect attack, etc. We ensure that your kitchen- its corners, ceilings, flooring, appliances stay clean regularly and no dust or moisture creeps in paving the way to disease-carrying germs. We come with an experienced team of cleaning professionals who handle your kitchen cleaning with maximum care.

Benefits of Kitchen Cleaning Regularly

Kitchens need a lot of care since they can harbor a lot of germs owing to the high moisture levels here. Some of the benefits of kitchen cleaning regularly are:
  • Stay clear of any smells.
  • Keep mold that causes lot of diseases in kids away.
  • Maintain a safe and sanitize environment.
  • Keep your food fresher for longer.
  • Stay away from diseases.
Tile Scrubbing
Floor Scrubbing
Cabinet Cleaning
Exhaust Fan/Fan Cleaning
Sink Cleaning
Gas Burner Cleaning
Chimney Cleaning Outside
Fittings Cleaning
Switch Board Cleaning
Steam Cleaning

Starting @ -  Rs. 1599

Starting @ -  Rs. 1899
  • Refrigerator cleaning from inside Rs 200.
  • Cabinets to be emptied by the client only.