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Home Cleaning in Delhi

Did you know that the maximum disease causing germs breed in dirty surroundings? From kitchens to toilets to balconies, each part of your household is prone to such germs, mold, parasites which can wreck havoc with your health. The best practise to avoid exposure to such environs is keeping your surroundings clean and getting regular deep cleaning done. Say good bye to unclean homes and unhygenic living conditions with professional home cleaning in Delhi. Kleenr is the one stop solution for all your deep cleaning requirements and your partner for life for a hygenic living. You can also read cleaning tips and info.


For a healthy family and for a happy family too, home cleaning in Delhi is very important. An unclean home can cause very serious problems that sure you would not let happen due to irregular home cleaning. If you are not able to tackle home cleaning on your own than you have to have it cleaned by any means. If you are a resident of Delhi NCR then the best option for you would be hiring and giving the responsibility of house cleaning in Delhi to Kleenr. Kleenr is one of the top professional house cleaners that deal with all kind of cleaning services. They will give a professional cleaning touch to your house. You can anytime visit the site Kleenr.in and can get as much details as you want. . Kleenr is Delhi NCR’s top professional home cleaning services. Book a service now to get great services.

Best household cleaning service in Delhi NCR

With our pathbreaking service you don’t need to bother about the erratic behaviour and bad cleaning practises of domestic maids. Kleenr is here to solve all your cleaning woes with premium home cleaning services in Delhi, you can look forward to complete deep cleaning of your household. From bedrooms to kitchens to toilets to balcony, we cleanse your home of each and every speck of germ. We not only clean your surroundings but also disinfect an sanitise everything to leave your home clean, safe and disease free.You can call for the best home cleaning quotes now at your doorstep as low as Rs. 2999.

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