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Do and Do not While Home Cleaning by Oneself

Everybody young or old, male or female needs home cleaning tips. You just cannot get away without cleaning because tomorrow or day after tomorrow your mum is going to get you red handed. Nowadays life has become so busy who has time for house cleaning in delhi. Since you cannot leave the house dirty you need to clean once or twice, of course your mother is always watching. Here are mentioned some great do’s and don’ts House cleaning by  self  tips  which will win you mum’s heart  with a  hug or two. You  can even  brag  about these  home  cleaning  tips in  front of your  friends and  win  some confidence, say, who knows.

Do’s for home cleaning:

When you do something, tell your mom; rather, keep telling all the time. All right let’s start with real home cleaning tips.

1.While using vinegar for House cleaning by self purpose, make sure you use it only for the below stated materials.
a.    Glass cleaning
b.    Tub
c.    Dishwasher
d.    Microwave.
Vinegar can be great to remove the stains of mildew and for disposal and sanitizing purposes.

2. While using the commercial home cleaning materials always dilute the solution. These products are highly toxic and can damage the health of your family. 

3. Always read the prescription and label before using any home cleaning materials. All types of home cleaning products are not suitable for all kinds of surfaces. For example the materials such as wood and granite need special kind of products for stain removal and cleaning.

4. The rule of cleaning says; always start from the top to bottom. This means you need to do the dusting and cleaning of the shelves, stove, sink and others first then you need to do the mobbing, vacuum cleaning etc.

5. Keep the cleaning products away from the reach of children. Be very cautious about this thing. This goes for the tools like scissors, screws, screw drivers, wrenches and others as well. 

Don’ts for home cleaning: 

1.While using vinegar for cleaning purposes, do not use it on the surfaces like wood, granite, hardwood and stone tiles. It can damage these surfaces really badly.

2. Do not mix two kinds of home cleaning materials together. This mixing together can cause real bad reaction and sometimes explosion. Avoid it as a rule of thumb. If you are using two different products, use them one by one and as described in the label.

3.Do not use house cleaning products bottles, jars and tubes for any other purpose. These solutions and products have highly toxic materials. Throw away these bottles, jars and tubes soon as you are done with them. 

4.While using any household cleaning product just dab it on the surface rather spraying. You can breathe in the chemicals through air when you are spraying. Dabbing on the surface can save you breathing in the toxin. 

5.While  yours carpet cleaning in delhi  and sofas, make sure you do not rub and scrub them too vigorously. This causes damage. It is wise to blot them. This way the material can work for many more years without wearing out.