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7 Strange Facts About Toilet Cleaning in India

Toilets play a major role in our life. Irrespective of the fact that an average person spends around three years of his life using toilet, we still ignore how important toilets are in our life. Major health issues are related to toilet cleaning. If your toilet is clean, you are very unlikely to catch bacteria. It is crucial to take assistance of Toilet cleaning professional services once in a while, because you just cannot completely clean the toilets yourself. Using homemade remedies and solutions might help but for a short period of time. You should be aware of the fact that using toilet cleaning professional services is essential part of household cleaning because there are strange facts of toilet cleaning.

1.Air freshener is an important part of any toilet. Nobody likes a stinky toilet. Since you have to sit on the seat for some time you just cannot ignore the significance of an air freshener. The first ever air freshener for toilet was made with cloves and pomegranate. 

2.It is one of the strange facts of toilet cleaning that the first toilet in public toilet is usually the cleanest. It is a weird fact but studies have proved it true. Next time you visit the public toilet, use the first one because you are going to find it cleaner than the rest in the row. 

3.A public toilet is thought to be one of the dirtiest places. You can imagine a public Toilet cleaning carries around 40,000 germs. So the next time you visit a public toilet make sure you clean your hands with a good sanitizer because you can carry the germs with you.

4.People believe the hardest thing in the world is to change baby’s nappies. Yes, it is true because an average baby dirties around 10,000 diapers before he is able to use the toilet himself. 

5.The first ever toilet paper was made by Chinese and the dimensions of the paper was 2 x 3 feet. Imagine how difficult it was to keep and then use this big toilet paper.

6.There is a bath cleaning robot for toilet cleaning professional services. This robot can clean anything from bathtubs to sinks, from wash basins to knobs. 

7.Indians do not usually use toilet paper for cleaning themselves, they use water instead. Commonly an Indian uses his left hand for cleaning himself with water and avoids eating from the left hand.