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5 Germ-Carrying Filthy Spots in Toilet

There are certain things about toilets that everybody knows about. Toilets tend to be safe havens for germs of all kinds and can cause diseases if not cleaned regularly. But there exist places in our toilets and bathrooms that we don’t even think about, and remain unaware that they, too, are filthy and carry germs.

1)The handle of the door- The nice and shiny door handle is one spot which no one thinks about. When one pushes or pulls open the toilet door on the outside while entering and does the same thing on the inside while leaving, one's hand makes contact with millions of germs left behind by the person who used it before, and one leaves behind millions of germs for the person who would use the toilet after, because simply washing the hands hands does not make all the germs go away. The best option is to wash and dry the hands, and then use a paper towel every time one enters and every time one leaves.

2)The toilet seat- A person will never use a toilet that has a soiled toilet seat. But what about a perfectly clean toilet seat? Germs survive on the surface and under the rim of the toilet seat- they do not live long, but long enough for one can contract infections. A professional toilet cleaning service ensures that the toilet seat is regularly cleaned with efficiency.

3)The flush tank and its handle- After using the toilet, it is very likely that one would touch the handle of the flush tank with dirty hands. Many germs are propelled into the air as soon as you flush, particularly when most of the water has left the bowl. Airborne germs can settle on your body, as well as on the exposed surfaces of the rest of the toilet/ bathroom.

4)The faucet and the sink- After using the toilet, when a person washes the hands, it means touching the faucet with dirty hands, thereby transferring germs onto the faucet. It makes sense, therefore, to invest in a faucet with a sensor. As for the sink, water accumulates in little bits all over- it is rarely dried, and the moist environment helps germs to breed in huge numbers.

5)The hand towel- When one has washed the hands thoroughly, is one free from germs? The towel, which has been used before, and which will be used after, is a real playground for microscopic organisms. One should consider using an electronic hand-dryer or invest in disposable paper towels.

Sometimes it is difficult to get rid of all the filth in a toilet. Thus it is always advisable to choose a professional toilet cleaning service for the same.