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5 Eco Friendly Home Cleaning Tips for Extremely Busy Individuals

World today faces many environmental challenges which have been deteriorating the atmosphere and filling it with huge concentrations of toxins and chemicals. But this is barely retorted to on such a large scale due to the hectic and mundane routine of individuals home cleaning in delhi. But it’s said that step by step or drop by drop we can complete the whole so even the small initiatives by people also contribute in reducing these global environmental issues. These environmental concerns not only harm the outside but also harm the cores of our homes and make the environment unhealthy for our families to grow in today. Thus it becomes essential to adopt sensitivity towards the environmental degradation and use eco-friendly routine equipment’s as much as possible.

For the “extremely busy ones” here are 5 simple home cleaning tips to start an endeavor in raising the quality and eco-friendly standards of home cleaning in  Gurgaon. 
So to begin with the list of the eco-friendly home cleaning ideas, the first most vital step is 

1.To adopt the three crucial R’s of sustainability. That is to reduce (the unnecessary added needs in you lifestyle which require further maintenance and cleanliness), reuse (major portion of the trash can be used again for some other purpose or the other in home) and recycle (whatever is reused is being recycled in your home). 

2.Second comes the reduction in buying of the toxic and chemical products from stores and instead adopting eco-friendly home cleaning ideas for your home such as:

-    Vinegar and water for cleaning different surfaces at home such as kitchen slabs, windows, cupboards, etc. 

-    Lemon juice to thaw soap crust and hard water sums in bathrooms. 

-    Cornstarch or baking soda to aromatize carpets or the odor around the home.

-    Lemon juice and olive oil to clean wooden furniture.

-    Cotton balls dipped in essential oils spread a soothing fragrance throughout your house.

3.Third in the list of home cleaning tips is to minimize the purchasing of hazardous or toxic products and replace them with least toxic ones. This would directly result in the reduction of toxin levels in your home environment. The products which are eco-friendly and can be reused should be preferred. If incase any product which is hazardous is used, then it becomes really essential to safely discard the hazardous product without causing harm to the environment.

4.Fourth step is to avoid using cleaners which are to be thrown after use. Instead use cleaners which can be used again and again after cleaning them. This reduces the trash quantity to huge volumes on regular basis.

5. Last but not the least, fifth tip is one of the most important among the eco-friendly home cleaning ideas, and that is to make a greener environment at home. Planting more of plants and trees creates a richer atmosphere to live and breathe in.

These small and basic home cleaning tips can do wonders in the campaign- Home cleaning in  Gurgaon. So let’s start following these steps and play your role .