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5 Common Infections Due to Un-cleaned Homes

There are several diseases caused when sanitation and cleanliness of home is not taken care of properly. To make sure that you do not contract the diseases related with unhygienic living, there is a simple solution – start living cleanly and hygienically. There are some diseases caused due to sanitation issues which are very serious and when not taken care of in time can even cause death. There are many home cleaning benefits and good health is the most important. Therefore, everyone must take care of  home cleaning in delhi  by following the household cleaning tips. Here is the list of some of the diseases:


-    Intestinal Worms: Intestinal worms are the direct result of unhygienic style of living. These worms are parasitic and one can become infected if there is a contact with the human faeces of the person who is already infected with it. But eating contaminated or decayed food can also cause these worms. Keeping the area clean and following the household tips will make sure you avoid them.


-    Malaria: It is one of the serious diseases and is caused by some mosquitoes which carry a malaria causing parasite. Humans can get affected when a mosquito carrying this parasite bites them. There are nearly 500 million cases of malaria everyday worldwide and nearly 1 million children die due to it. Keeping the house clean and making sure that there is no standing water will ensure safety.


-    Cholera: This is another disease caused by unclean homes. Therefore, one must make use of toilet cleaning  benefits and avoid this disease. It is a bacterial disease which causes severe dehydration and may result in death when not treated on time. More than 100,000 people are infected by it every year worldwide.


-    Typhoid: Typhoid is another bacterial disease which is caused when the person consumes contaminated water or food. Again, if you are following toilet  cleaning in gurgaon tips and making sure that contaminated food and water is not consumed, it can be easily avoided. Typhoid is accompanied by high fever, loss of appetite and headache.


-    Trachoma: It is an eye infection which is caused primarily by poor hygiene, unsafe sanitation conditions, and exposure to contaminated water. More than 5 million children become blind because of this disease. Also, women are impacted by this disease more than men. If there is abundant clean water supply then this disease can be reduced by more than 20% according to a research