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4 Most Popular Chemicals to Clean Home Toilets in India

Though most of us don’t like to clean the bathroom and toilets but they are the primary areas that need to be cleaned to keep our homes germ-free. Despite being an unpleasant chore, cleaning the hair-clogged drains and the toilet is very important because home toilets and health issues are inter-related. A clean home with cleaner kitchen and washrooms is a germ-free and healthy home.

While cleaning the toilet it is necessary to ensure that the toilet is germ-free, while also ensuring that the toilet cleaning chemicals being used don’t linger on the pot or the floor of the washroom. 

When we start our daily cleaning chores, we keep the task of cleaning the washroom and toilet to the last because we don’t enjoy it much. Here we are talking about some easy tips on how to clean the home toilets. These home toilet cleaning tips can be utilized while performing your daily cleaning chores.

•    Wear good quality gloves so that the chemicals do not get in touch with your skin underneath. 
•    Use long brush to clean basin and toilet.
•    Use all-purpose cleaner for cleaning walls, tiles and countertops of washrooms.
•    Use white vinegar or baking soda with hot water to clear the drain of your sink. This is a harmless home toilet cleaning tip to be used. 
•    Replace hand towels every two-three days and let them dry properly after use.

There are various products available in the market which makes cleaning easy. Let’s discuss some toilet cleaning chemicals which are readily available to make toilet cleaning easy. 

•    Concentrated floor cleaner – This multi-surface cleanser comes with mild abrasive formula and suits all hard surfaces. It can be used to remove stubborn spots and stains.
•    Toilet Cleaner – There is a range of Toilet Cleaners available in affordable rates. These cleaners are safe and they help in removing the layer of lime scale from the toilet, while keeping them free from germs. 
•    Glass Cleaner – The market is full with non-toxic range of Glass Cleaner available in different kinds. These can be used for cleaning floor and glass tops such as TV, fridge, glass tables, and windows and so on. The precise composition of these cleaners makes it suitable for multi-purpose cleaning. 
•    Liquid Cleaner – There are many all-purpose liquid cleaner that can be used for all hard surfaces. All you need is to spray the liquid on clean cloth and wipe the surface without scrubbing. 

Since home toilets and health issues are closely related, so it very important to keep your toilets clean and germ-free like other rooms in your house.