Q. What is the difference between Deep, Express and Power Cleaning ?

Ans - Express cleaning is Deep Cleaning + steam cleaning of the concerned area. Steam cleaning kills any remnants’ of germs and makes the area 100% disinfected and sanitised.

Power cleaning includes Express cleaning + dry cleaning of sofas/chairs and any other fabric/leather furniture.


Q. What is Deep cleaning?

Ans -Deep cleaning is the process of extensive cleaning, disinfection and sanitisation of critical areas of your house that your daily cleaning is unable to ensure. Kleenr’sproprietary cleaning process ensures a 100% germ free, stain free and dust free healthy living environment in each nook and corner of your home.


Q. What is the right package for me?

Ans - The choice of package depends on the condition of your home. If you are moving into a new premises, we recommend the Express package, with the extra option of floor scrubbing service. For others, the Deep cleaning package is a good option to start with. Once you see the difference that Deep cleaning makes to your house, the next logical step would be to go for the Express or the Power package.
If you are going in for just the Deep cleaning package, then we also recommend that you additionally opt for the sofa dry cleaning service for atleast the most frequently used areas of the home.


Q. What kind of chemicals and equipment do you use?

Ans - We use the best cleaning material and equipment available in the world. All our chemicals are from leading companies like 3M and Diversey. We also use organic and clean chemicals that are safe to use in homes.
We use various machines like vacuum cleaners, steam cleaners, scrubbing machines etc as part of our cleaning process.


Q. How often should I get my premises deep cleaned?

Ans - Ideally deep cleaning of the complete house is recommended once in 3 months. However, the exact frequency is based on how fast dust and bacteria accumulate in your house.


Q. Is Police verification done for all the employees?

Ans - All our cleaning employees, without exception, are police-verified.


Q. How much time will it take to clean my premises?

Ans - The time varies from service to service and on the size and condition of the house. To get an idea, Deep cleaning of a 10X10 feet Toilet will take upto 1.5 hours. Complete Home Deep Cleaning for a 3 BHK house (upto 1700sqft) will take upto 6 hours. 


Q. What precautions do I need to take before the cleaning?

Ans - Please make sure that all valuable and breakable items are stored away safely. Clothes and Open Food items should also be removed from bathrooms and kitchen respectively.


Q. Do I need to provide any chemicals/clothes for cleaning to your team?

Ans - No. Our teams come fully prepared and equipped. You only need to ensure that there is enough running water in the house for cleaning purposes.


Q. Can I cancel my service? What is the cancellation policy?

Ans - Yes, service booked can be cancelled without any charges upto 24 hrs before the scheduled time. Cancellation within 24 hours of the scheduled time maybe charged on a case to case basis (upto a maximum of 20% of the total service cost).


Q. How do I schedule my weekly visits?

Ans - You can inform the supervisor about your preferred day and time. Alternatively you can directly tell the cleaner and fix the next visit.


Q. Do you have a referral policy?

Ans - Yes, we have a very exciting and rewarding referral policy. For every person you recommend and who avails our services, you will get upto 10% of the amount (of the service your referral has availed) as credit or cashback. Please feel free to contact our customer care to know more about the latest referral policy.


Q. What is your Training process for cleaners?

Ans -We have an intensive training program for all our cleaners. Each and every new recruit has to go through a 30 day training program designed specially by our industry experts. We train our staff not only on the technical side of the business but also the humane side and basic etiquettes. So you can be assured about having the perfect experience with us.