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Products Used by Professional Cleaners

A toilet is the main area which harbors the maximum germs. Thus cleaning a toilet regularly and properly is of utmost important. While you may take utmost care to clean your toilet periodically but when it comes to hygiene, there shouldn't be any compromise. Thus some things are best given to professionals. Choose a reliable and good toilet cleaning service who will thoroughly clean and maintain your toilet. This will ascertain minimal germs and maintain good health and hygiene within your toilet and surrounding areas.

Toilet cleaning services have the best equipment to clean your toilets. Most professional toilet cleaning services will have a plethora of equipment along with trained manpower to clean yout toilet. The typical and most basic products used by a professional toilet cleaning service include

1)Brooms and mop/ towel- If the bathroom floor is dry, it would require a little dusting, for which a special kind of broom would be necessary. If it is wet, a cleaner needs another type of broom to sweep away the water, and then dry the floor surface using the mop or a towel.

2)Step ladder- The cleaner needs to dust the ceiling and the corners. They may even need to be washed.  Vents, fans, and light fixtures also have to be cleaned by dusting, or water, or a gentle cleanser, or both. They must be dried carefully and replaced. Wall art needs to be dusted and cleaned too, without using water or cleaner.

3)Glass cleaner spray and squeegee- The mirror is bound to be where your guests might spend some time staring at, looking at their reflection. It needs to be clean, and the glass cannot be allowed to retain streaks. A small, hand-held squeegee is perfect for polishing a mirror with a soapy spray.

4)All-purpose cleaner and grout brush/ small brush- This is needed especially for cleaning the bath tub. Mildew and soap scum may form at the corners on, so the cleaner has to start by removing it with a grout brush. Stains are removed by scrubbing with the cleaner. The shower can be cleaned with a small squeegee, while the other fixtures like faucets undergo thorough scrubbing.

5)Toilet cleaner (powder/liquid/gel) and brush- The cleaner is poured inside the bowl as close to the rim as possible, and scrubbed later to remove stains.

6)Paper towels/ Cloths- These are used to clean the outside of the toilet bowl, the toilet seat, the flush tank and its handle with the help of a cleaner.

7)Grout cleanser- Used with a grout brush, this is used to clean the tiles in a bathroom, the mildew that accumulates in the ridges and the corners.

8)Goggles, gloves, breathing masks- These are the most important things used by any professional cleaner.