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Four Myths About Home Cleaning in Delhi NCR

Delhi NCR is the original  ground or  the  birthplace of  numerous  myths and many  people  here believe  that these  myths  are  a part of their lives. Some of these myths  have been  passed  on to us  from  generations now. Many such myths have  blindly been  followed by  some people. There are  different kinds of myths  related to religion, mythology, culture, festivals, and traditions and so on. Besides these, there are certain myths which  concern our  day to day life, such  as myths  about  home cleaning. Some of these  myths  have been  passed from  ancestors,  while some  are just  concocted  just  for the hack of it. 

We have listed below four such  myths Home Cleaning in Delhi NCR:

i) Do not sweep floor after sunset – This is one myth which says that one should not sweep the floor after sunset. This myth originated may be because of the fact that people had no electricity in the olden days and so they feared that something important might get swept while sweeping the floor after sunset.

ii) Women should do the housework – Another Home Cleaning myth which has been prevalent for years now is that women of the house is responsible for all the housework to be done ranging from cleaning, sweeping, cooking, washing and so on. However, this myth has been changing slowly and men of the house in many cases rd taking equal responsibility these days.  

iii) Hand washing is better than using machines – Many people in Delhi NCR believe that using machines for washing, be it for cloths or dishes, reduces their shelf-life and so it is better to use hands rather than using a washing machine or dishwasher.

iv)  Newspaper cleans windows well – This is a very common myth. In fact, many of us have been hearing this myth as one of the many House cleaning tips being applied in Delhi NCRn households. Here people use old newspapers to clean glass windows and doors and believe that they can work miracle.

However, most of these are concocted stories which people have been following so far. In modern times, there is hardly any room for such things. In fact, when it comes to home cleaning, people now trust in modern equipment’s which have eased their lives in many ways. Not only this, people in cities also use professional Home cleaning solutions and services to clean their homes in a hassle-free way. With the help of professional home cleaners your tedious task of  carpet cleaning in Delhi NCR during special occasions like festivals has become all the more smooth and easy.