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Four easy tips to clean your home items in Gurgaon

Home cleaning is actually the process for improving the appearance of the precious pieces by the removal of dirt and dust that can be present. It also includes polishing and creating rust free home for attaining a better shine. The home articles that you wear regularly are highly likely to get dirty and the importance of home cleaning lies in the fact that it can help you keep your adornments shining for a long period of time. Here are a few easy tips for home cleaning in gurgaon

•Make use of the best home polishing cloths for attaining the best results. The cloths need to be smooth and soft so that no scratch takes place within the metal. This will make sure the pieces look as good as new after each clean. 

•It is a major mistake to use the bleach for cleaning or rust free home articles. Do not use bleach as it enhances further damage to the metals. Instead, you can make use of rubbing alcohol and warm water for cleaning the pieces. This will not cause any damage to them. It has been observed that the rings do accumulate dirt and dust much more than any other ornaments because they are constantly within our fingers for a long period. It is essential to clean them with warm water so than when light falls on it, the rings will shine. 

•Another easy tips for  toilet cleaning in gurgaon  is in case of translucent gems, it needs to be placed inside water along with a bit of mild detergent or soap. You can do this within a bowl of water. Do not do the cleaning process in a wash basin because, the gemstone might slip and go down the drain. Make use of a toothbrush if you feel necessary. After washing away the soap, polish the piece of home article with soft cotton cloth. Do not make use of cloths which are fibrous, otherwise, the fibers get attached in the prongs. 

•For the gems like sapphire, diamond and ruby, you can make use of a little bit of ammonia in water. It will offer an added spark. But remember do not use ammonia for silver articles. For the organic gems like pearls or corals, you can use a wet cloth. Since they are organic, they are much more porous and soft. While cleaning with detergents, soaps or ammonia be careful that no chemicals remain within your gems.