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Dos and don’ts of Kitchen Cleaning

A clean  and  organized  kitchen is  what we all  dream of.  But  the  sweat and  labour  associated  with  the  procedure  of  cleaning  the kitchen  makes  it  a  dreadful  experience. However,  cleaning  the   kitchen is something  we  must  do  on  everyday  basis  to keep  it   hygienic  and  to  eliminate   germs. Here  we  are   discussing  some  Do’s  and  Do Not’s  which  we  need  to    keep  in    mind    while    kitchen cleaning in delhi
. Do’s

i)Clean Sponge everyday – The sponge that you use to wipe mess in your kitchen needs to be cleaned daily so that it doesn’t absorb harmful food-borne bacteria, which can cause diseases. You can use bleach and warm water to disinfect the sponge. Squeeze water from the sponge every time you use it and try to keep it in a dry place. Also, you must keep replacing the sponge frequently to avoid any contamination.

ii)Clean Sink – It is advisable to clean the sink every time you wash dishes. You can use warm water and a sink cleaner to do it well. Make this a habit for everyday to have a clean and nice smelling sink. 

iii)Maintain cookware and knifes – If not daily, at least make it a habit to clean the stains and spots on cookware on regular basis. Also remove rust from knifes and polish them as and when required. You can do it once a month which won’t waste much time.

iv)Clean and clear countertops – Avoid making your countertops messy with too many things placing above it. Just clear as many things out of the kitchen countertop as possible and clean it regularly. This will make your kitchen look orderly.

Do Not’s 

i)Do not use sponge to wipe liquid from poultry – You should avoid using your sponge to clean meat juices or any form of liquid coming from poultry and meat. Cleaning such juices with sponge will increase the chances of spreading harmful bacteria. Rather you should use paper towel for cleaning such things.
ii)Do not use toxic products for cleaning kitchen – You must ensure that the kitchen cleaning agents you are using are non-toxic and environment friendly. To ensure that you must check the ingredients used in the cleaning agents that you buy to clean our kitchen.

iii)Use separate sponge and dishcloths for separate work – Do not use the same sponge for cleaning mess as well as to clean your countertops. Similarly, use different dishcloth for different purposes like to dry dishes and to dry your hand.

iv)Do not let the kitchen remain wet – Keep the kitchen cleaning in Gurgaon  and dry. Sweep away any water that falls on the floor while cooking, because there is a possibility that someone might slip and fall on a wet floor.