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Do's and Don’ts of Carpet Cleaning

Carpet has become a status symbol of sophisticated and lavish life style in India. Carpets are used in commercial offices as well as in private homes. Carpets fulfil a lot of purposes, including insulating a person's feet from a cold tile or concrete floor, making the floor more comfortable especially for children and obviously carpets add decoration to a room.
Similar to your personal hygiene there are lots of benefits of carpet cleaning in your regular life. If you are cleaning your carpet in winters, you might not want the wetness of the carpet remained after. So it would be more preferable to practice dry cleaning in comparison to wet one. Here are a few carpet cleaning  in  delhi tips for you:
•    Dry cleaning is the safest way to clean most of the carpet fibres and it removes the top soil of the carpet. In this cleaning a cleaning product is mixed with club coda and then sprayed lightly on the carpet. After few minutes a round buffer can be used to scrub the carpet in such a rotating manner that it will lift the dirt particles up. But there are drawbacks to this method as it takes a long time to clean and does not remove dirt and germs from deep in the carpet. 

•    In Dry Powder Cleaning,mixture of a cleaning solution with powder is used. Spread the mixture of the carpet evenly and use a cylindrical brush to scrub the dirt and germs from the carpet but don’t scrub too hard. Then use vacuum cleaner to remove the powder with dirt from the carpet and there will not bedrying time in this method. 

•    Dry Foam is one of the most classical methods of carpet cleaning. It is similar to shampooing motion and you still need to do a lot of scrubbing in circular manner but in the end all the bubbles disappear and you don’t need to wait for drying the carpet. Although there will be some left overs on the carpet to deal with, but there are several foam carpet cleaning systems available in the market with inbuilt vacuum cleaners for the left overs in the end.  

If you suspect any cleaning solution, test it on a hidden spot of the carpet cleaning in Gurgaon.For stains like that of coffee, chocolate, tea, and so on, use water mixed with a tablespoon of ammonia. For wool or wool-blend carpets don’t apply this solution.
Usually carpet cleaning in India is done with water and soap but after some time you should definitely use Dry Powder Method.