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7 things at home that your children touch that can make them sick

If you think you vaccummed the sofa and it is now safe for your toddler to sleep on, then think again?
If you think dusting your book shelf everyday is enough then you are living in a fool’s paradise.
If you think it is fine that your infant puts your mobile in his mouth while listening to a lullaby, then it's a huge mistake!    

These and much more are dust hounding places in our average homes. We know regular house cleaning and children health are connected. But do you know that there are several things in your house that are so dirty that even daily home cleaning doesn’t sanitise them. Have a read-

Laptops/Tablets- Your laptop and tablet that your 5 year old loves to play games on not only has a dirty screen but also a very very dirty keyboard. Most keyboards go months without cleaning. Just imagine the kind of germs it can infect your child with. Home cleaning Tip - Soak up some isopropyl alcohol into a soft, dust-free cloth, or use a cotton swab and gently rub the laptop keyboard. Remember to switch off the laptop.

 Mobile Phones- Touch screen phones are surely easy and fun. But they also are exposed to the maximum finger touch, sweat, dirty pockets etc. Enough to get heavily charged with disease causing germs. Home cleaning Tip - Isopropyl alcohol poured into a soft, dust-free cloth is best to clean all screens.

 TV Remote- Kids are prone to watching cartoons and chewing on that TV screen in tandem. What he is sucking up on is a lot of skin oil, sweat and dust. Home cleaning Tip –Use a plastic cover to encase it. Changing the plastic cover regularly is easier and better than cleaning a remote. 

Tooth Brush- Tooth brushes sit some feet away from the toilet seat. They are susceptible to flying germs from the toilet bowl. Home cleaning Tip -  Always use a cover for your toothbrush. As a precaution rinse it properly with water before using.

 Light Switches- Used hundreds of times in a day with fingers of the entire household, there can be a lot of grime growth on these. Home cleaning Tip- Use a Microfiber cloth and spray it with Colin or any other cleaner to wipe switches.

 Carpets- A playground for germs, carpets can have upto 2 lakhs bacteria per square inch. Food remains, dead insects, human bacteria, everything finds its way to that carpet on the floor. Even your tired child. Home cleaning Tip- Regular vaccuming is a must-do for every carpet. For extensive disinfecting of carpets, call a professional cleaning service. After all house cleaning and children health is connected.

Kids Toys- they play with their toys all the time. They put them in their mouth, in your dog’s mouth, in the sand pit and also in the garbage can. So imagine how dirty their toys are. Home cleaning Tip- Divide toys in fabric/non/fabric and electronic/non electronic. Stuff all soft toys in the washing machine for a safe wash. Put all plastic toys in soapy water buckets and rinse. Wipe electronic toys regularly. 

7 things at home that your kids touch that can them sick