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5 tips of keeping your home clean this Monsoon

Are you one of those who feels relieved from the Delhi heat when the rains come but on second thoughts dread the mess they leave. Delhi Monsoons not only leave potholes full of water on the road but the mess also enters your home. Wet umbrellas, greasy shoes, dripping pipes, damp walls- all of these lead to an unclean house and unhygienic surroundings. Here are some tips that we are going to discuss about the Monsoon (Rainy) season and how to keep your home clean in rainy days.
Hygiene is not only linked with self-cleaning, wearing clean cloths, and bathing every day, it means a lot more than that and house cleaning is one of those.We spend most of time at home, and we can get in the contact of germs and may fall sick very easily and monsoon is the season when we need to take care of all such things, so house cleaning in rainy season is very important.
You should make sure that your house is pest free during rainy season because dirt means more germs and that can be the cause of illness of your family. Keeping clean your house includes cleaning of walls, windows, carpets, furniture, toilets and corner areas.

•    Use of cleaning agent for floor, it will keep insects like mosquitoes, flies and cockroachesaway. Choose a cleaning agent according to the requirement which is made especially for this season. Use dry mop for the floor as much as possible to keep dampness away. 

•    Use dry cloth to clean your furniture instead of wet cloth during this season. Or one can use cleaning agents which are specifically designed for wooden furnishing because your furniture can get spoilt due to high level of moisture in the air. 

•    Do not use carpets in the house if you use wet mob for floor cleaning as wetness remains in the carpet which can damage your carpet cleaning in delhi  and also breed germs.

•    Clothes cleanliness  It is very important in this season which includes your personal cloths, linens, bedcovers, curtains, etc.Make a practice to clean all these cloths on weekly basis and try to give them as much of sunlight as possible.

•    Drains at home should be clean; it is a big cause of worry during the monsoon. There should be no water clogging or no other blockage. Keep a check on weekly basis and clean the drains of your home and outside the home as well, as it can spread a disgusting smell if clogged or can be cause of insects breeding.

Monsoon is one of the most pleasing and heavenly seasons and you can enjoy the natural beauty with water. But it is also very important to be careful and keep your home clean so that you do not fall ill. So you can use the above given home cleaning tips in monsoon season.