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5 Dirty spots in your kitchen you haven’t been cleaning

The kitchen is the powerhouse of our house. It is where we cook and also one which we aim to keep clean at all times. But has anyone ever told you that the average kitchen is dirtier than the average toilet? They are probably right but let’s hope your kitchen is cleaner than the average kitchen. But even if you are keeping your spic and span still there are some parts that remain dirty. Complete kitchen cleaning is one option but who has the time for it. Perhaps hiring professional kitchen cleaning companies is a good idea. So while you ponder over the idea of a cleaning company in your city, have a look at the 5 dirty spots in your kitchen you haven't been cleaning. You will be surprised at what you perceived was so clean is actually the dirtiest-

  • Top of Kitchen Cabinets- You clean your expensive cabinet shutters regularly and keep them shining to maintain good aesthetics for your kitchen. But when was the last time you took a ladder and a duster and climbed on top to clean the most unforgotten area of the kitchen. A huge hub for dust, grime and all other debris, the kitchen cabinet is one that needs deep cleaning time and again. Apart from that sanitising and disinfecting these areas is also essential which can be done with the help of a professional cleaning service.
  • Kitchen Sponges- The kitchen sponge is what you use to clean your utensils. How would you feel if you were told that this sponge is the one that harbours the maximum germs out of all things in the kitchen. The best way to stay away from germs that arise from dirty sponges is early change of sponges.
  • Blenders- The kitchen mixer and blender is another very dirty area. When you clean the blender, make sure you rinse off the blade area well as well as the top lid of the blender. The rubber area of the lid is what accummulates maximum food remains leading to germs.
  • Chimney- The kitchen chimney keeps your air clean by absorbing all dust and smoke. But how many times do you clean the chimney cleaning service to clean it and take off all the grease that sets up there? Next time you are doing kitchen cleaning, make sure you also include kitchen cleaning in it. If doing it yourself then make sure you switch off the chimney before taking out the doors for a thorough scrub. But if using a professional cleaner, then make sure they put it back in its place properly.
  • Kitchen Faucet- Now we all know how clean the water is in India. Unclean water with various minerals and particles flows out of our kitchen faucets. Continous usage leads to yellowish substances setting base on the kitchen faucet. This is not only making the water unclean for consumption but also breeding other problems like flies and insects. Thus always clean these properly or if using professional cleaning services, insist that they scrub the faucets and sanitise them.

The kitchen indeed holds a lot of germs. Germs that can make our kids fall prey to fever, diarhoea and other infections. Thus it is always advisable to clean your kitchens properly or seek the help of a professional kitchen cleaning service to keep your kitchen clean and hygenic.