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5 Awesome Cleaning Tips for Nursing Moms

Bringing your cute little bundle of joy home is nothing more than a blessing. The time is full of thrill and delight. But the previously clean and perfect house now looks like a perfect mess. With the new born baby taking most of your time day and night means you will have little or no time to fulfill your other homely responsibilities. There is nothing wrong in that. Your new born baby needs all the time you can give. But you can still take out time to find out ways to clean your home with these house cleaning  tips for nursing moms.

•Organize and prioritize 
One of the most important home cleaning tips is to organize your house even before the baby is born. If your house is organized, you won’t have to keep running around your house picking up the mess. If you are a nursing mother, then your first priority is your baby. After that you need to take care of your health and well being. Other homely responsibilities are at lower level of your priority list. If you can prioritize your tasks efficiently everyday you will have enough time for your baby as well as cleaning your house. 

•Germ free house cleaning
With your new born baby you need to be extra careful while cleaning. Your baby’s immune system is weak and therefore it is important to do germ free house cleaning to avoid any discomfort for your baby. Make sure to buy disinfectants which do not have harsh chemicals in it, as it may also harm your new born baby. Babies have the habit to put everything they can reach in their mouth. Therefore it is important that you perform a germ free house cleaning to kill the germs on floors, furniture and other items in the room. Make sure to have soap and water handy for yourself and the visitors. If you do not have access to soap and water, make sure to have a sanitizer nearby.

Clean the air
Your baby’s lungs are also weak. You need to clean the air inside your home. Make sure that your carpet clening  is properly ventilated. You can bring some plants to clean the air inside your home. Plants like aloe are easy to bring inside and care for. Apart from cleaning the air, it also has medicinal properties.

Use deodorizer to keep the smell away
If you are a nursing mom, the baby’s room must smell of dirty diapers all day long. To keep the smell away you can use room deodorizers. However, make sure that the deodorizer doesn’t contain harsh chemicals. You can also make homemade deodorizers for your nursery.

•Be practical
If you are a cleanliness freak and want everything perfect in your house, this is the time when you need to relax. With these ways to clean your home, you can make sure that your house is presentable. Do not make high standards of cleanliness of your house with the newborn baby. You just need to make sure that your house is infection free. The visitors in your house will understand your inability to have a pristine clean house with the new born baby. So don’t overwhelm yourself and enjoy the happiness of being a mom